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Athens Yacht Charter & Sailing Academy Websites

Sail the magnificent Aegean Sea,
Escape to a world of tranquility,
Voyage the ancient high seas,
Discover hidden islands, stroll hidden lanes,
Relax and enjoy a classic yacht,
Discover Greece.


And, that is exactly what I will be doing next summer.


Having completed the Athens Yacht Charter and Athens Sailing Academy websites, Captain Jonathan Chandler has kindly invited me out to sail with him on the spectacular 55 foot Jeanneau racing ketch, Koralia 3.


As winter draws close, I will escape to the tranquility of the Aegean Sea.


For full details of chartering a yacht in Greece visit:

Athens Yacht Charter


If you would like to learn how to sail or you are already an experienced sailor, but would like to advance your sailing skills visit:

Athens Sailing Academy